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December 2016

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Be well-informed to be well-insured.

Insurance Bureau of Canada and Groupement des assureurs automobiles wish you Happy Holidays!


Auto insurance: don’t keep anything from your insurer

Not telling your insurer everything could come back to haunt ...and cost you! In fact, your auto insurance policy requires that you declare every situation that could affect your premium or your insurer’s decision to insure you or not. So it’s important to answer your insurer’s or broker’s questions honestly. You also need to declare any individuals who drive the vehicle, as well as the actual mileage you cover. And don’t forget to mention any accidents you might have had over the last years.

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Condos and insurance

Two insurance policies cover condominiums, the condo corporation’s policy and the co-owner’s policy for the private portion. The co-owner’s policy covers personal property, liability and improvements made since construction. And the corporation’s policy covers the common portions such as corridors and roof, as well as the “building” portion of the co-owner’s unit, such as walls and windows. In case of loss, both policies could share the indemnity.

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Driving on snow covered roads

You want to make the most of winter and decide to buy a snowmobile. Don’t forget about insurance! By law you’re required to have civil liability coverage of at least $500,000. Since SAAQ does not indemnify injuries caused by a snowmobile accident, the coverage could pay for bodily injury caused to a third party for which you would be held liable. And what if you’re injured? You need to have the appropriate coverage to protect yourself well. Talk to your insurer or broker.

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Questions about your auto or home insurance?

Des questions sur votre assurance auto ou habitation?
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