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Xpress Infoinsurance VERSION FRANÇAISE
Vol. 8 No 4
December 2013



Had a fender bender? Are you 100%, 50% or 0% liable? That's what your insurer will determine based on the accident scenarios (or fault charts) provided in the Direct Compensation Agreement (DCA). Your level of responsibility, as well as the options you chose when you purchased your insurance policy (whether or not you took out section B coverage for damage to your vehicle), will decide the compensation you'll receive.

It's your insurer who determines your responsibility in a fender bender… not the police.

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Holiday purchases

Holiday shopping is now in full swing. During this annual rush, make sure you don't leave packages in your car in plain sight of everyone... including thieves. Don't tempt them! Store your purchases in the trunk of your car. And practice this good habit all year long: thieves are always on the lookout for computers, tablets or GPSs.

Don't make it easy for thieves!

Check out these tips to prevent
theft from cars


It's winter!

Winter can take a toll on your home: cold temperatures, strong winds, snow storms, freezing rain… You can take some steps to minimize damage that Mother Nature can inflict. For example, cut tree branches that are close to the house or electric wires. This will reduce damage if they break under the weight of the snow or ice.

Be ready for winter!

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