Off-road vehicles

Having trouble getting insurance?

Is your insurer refusing to renew your insurance? Or when you shop around for off-road vehicle insurance, are insurers turning you down?

Have you had a number of accidents and claims over the past years? Did you fall behind on your payments? These are the most frequent reasons and may explain the difficulties you’re having.

You know you can’t drive without insurance. By law, you must be insured. However, don’t worry! Under such circumstances, we can help you.

Do you have an off-road motorcycle?

If you own a motocross bike (off-road motorcycle), the minimum civil liability coverage required by law is $500,000. You decide to disregard this obligation? You’re taking financial risks if you cause damage to others. And, you risk having to pay a fine of up to $500 if you’re caught.

Insurance Information Centre

If you’re having trouble finding insurance, the Information Centre agents are there to help you. Sometimes, simply interceding on your behalf can settle matters quickly. They’ll try and find insurance coverage that meets your needs. If they can’t, they’ll guarantee you the minimum amount required by law.

This service is free

  • It is available Mondays to Fridays, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Montreal: 514 288-4321
  • Elsewhere in Quebec: 1 877 288-4321

Steps to take

When you call the Information Centre, you must already have taken all the necessary steps. You must have contacted and been refused by five insurers. Write down the names and phone numbers of the agents and brokers you contacted.

Complete the form and return it to the Information Centre.

Does your
insurance cover an
accident that you
caused while

Does your insurance cover an accident that you caused while sneezing?

Yes, your insurance policy covers such damage if you purchased Comprehensive coverage (Section B).

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