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Off-road vehicles

Insuring your ATV

Looking to buy a motocross bike, snowmobile or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)? Think insurance. It’s compulsory under the law! Before you sign a purchase contract, ask the right questions and check out the insurance premiums. This could influence which make or model you end up buying.

Who’s insured?

You must be insured to drive an off-road vehicle. And so must anyone else who drives your snowmobile or ATV. They must also be insured under the policy.

Who sells insurance?

In Quebec, you can choose to do business either with a general insurance agent or broker.

  • Brokers offer the products of insurance companies with which they have agreements.
  • Agents work for a specific insurance company.

Certificate of insurance required

You’ve decided to finance the purchase of your off-road vehicle. In this case, the lender may require proof of insurance before you can leave with your snowmobile or ATV.

Four factors affect the premium

  1. The snowmobile or ATV chosen
  2. Where you live and use your snowmobile or ATV
  3. Your profile
  4. The coverage selected

The importance of snowmobile or ATV insurance

The Société d’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) does not provide any compensation for bodily injury if you have an off-road accident. Except in very specific circumstances, it’s your insurer who pays for bodily injury caused to a third party and for which you are liable.

And what if you’re injured? It’s up to you to check whether you have the appropriate coverage so that you’re well protected.