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Off-road vehicles

Cost of insurance

You’ve shopped around for snowmobile or ATV insurance. You’re now down to two model choices, one of which you really like.

How do I go about getting insurance for my off-road vehicle?

Call an insurance agent or broker to get a quote.

Insurance premiums for off-road vehicles can vary from insurer to insurer. We strongly encourage you to call several agents or brokers to compare rates. Be careful! Also check out what coverage is being offered. A lower premium could also mean less coverage.

The snowmobile insurance policy has a 12-month term. However, your annual insurance premium is spread out over six months of use, usually from November to April.

For ATVs, the annual premium is spread out over 12 months of use. This type of vehicle is used year round.

Owner of a motocross bike?

A motocross bike is considered to be an off-road vehicle. You are therefore required to purchase civil liability insurance of at least $500,000 from your insurer.

Shop around

If you have auto or home insurance, ask your insurer for quotes. Don’t have an insurer? Ask a friend or family member to refer one to you. You can also consult the Autorité des marchés financiers or Regroupement des cabinets de courtage d’assurance du Québec websites. Some insurers specialize in off-road vehicle insurance.

Have them quote for the same coverage. If you’ve decided to buy “replacement cost” coverage, mention it to the agent or broker. You’re then sure to compare apples with apples!

Civil liability coverage protects you for:

  • Damage caused to your off-road vehicle for a no-fault collision in Quebec.
  • Property damage and bodily injury for an at-fault accident outside Quebec.
Looking to
save money by
not telling your
insurer everything?

Looking to save money by not telling your insurer everything?

By choosing to hide information from your insurer, your run the risk of not being indemnified should you have an accident, or of just being partially indemnified.

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