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Off-road vehicles

Cost of insurance

Credit record

Can your insurer ask you for access to your credit record? Most insurers use the information to quote you a fairer premium. You have the right to refuse. However, you should know that you may not get the most advantageous premium. Find out more

Fallen big time for a motocross bike? Are you male or female? Your insurer takes a number of factors into account in calculating your off-road vehicle insurance premium.

Five factors that affect your premium

  1. What off-road vehicle you drive (make, model, year, value, repair costs, etc.).
  2. Where you live and you use your off-road vehicle. Do you use your vehicle in a high-theft area? Your insurance premium could then be higher.
  3. Your profile (age, sex, etc.).
  4. Coverage chosen.
  5. The number of accidents you’ve had and the number of claims you’ve made, whether or not you were at fault. This information can be found in the claims data base Fichier central des sinistres automobiles.