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Your child on your contract

Your 16-year old son has started to take driving lessons to learn how to drive a motorcycle. Whether he has a learner's licence, a probationary licence or a Class 5A, 6B or 6C driver's licence, you must inform your agent or broker.

Five factors affect the premium

  1. The motorcycle you drive
  2. You profile and that of the other drivers
  3. The coverage and deductibles chosen
  4. Where you live and use your motorcycle
  5. Your claims file

Modifying your policy

There are no driver categories (principal or occasional) for motorcycle insurance. That's why your child will not be added as an occasional driver under your policy. However, it's very likely that you'll be asked to pay a higher premium. As a rule, your insurer will establish a single premium that covers both motorcycle drivers.

Ask your agent or broker. He'll be able to confirm the new premium following a modification to your policy.

Your child was not registered under your policy and he was involved in an accident. The compensation you'll receive will likely be proportional to the premium you paid versus that which you should have paid had your child been registered under your policy. You may also receive no compensation at all.