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Cost of insurance

Always have your documents with you

You must always have your proof of insurance and your registration card with you. If you’re stopped by the police and don’t have the necessary documents, you could be fined.

When you start tallying up what it costs to run your motorcycle, you find that it’s costing you a lot. You could perhaps save on your motorcycle insurance. Where to start?

Six things you can do to reduce your premium

Shop around and ask for quotes from at least three insurers.

The premium charged can vary by as much as three times from one insurer to the other.

Buy all your insurance from the same insurer.

Most insurers offer a discount if you group all your insurance with them.

Ask for a higher deductible.

Evaluate the savings realized and your financial ability to pay this deductible should you have a loss.

Have an anti-theft device installed on your motorcycle (anti-theft chain, engraving, etc.).

Some insurers may even require you install an alarm system on certain motorcycle models.

Know as much as you can about the motorcycle you choose.

A sports model could cost more to insure.

Drive carefully and respect the Highway Safety Code.

Accumulated demerit points usually mean a higher premium!