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Renewing and cancelling

Don’t remember when your motorcycle insurance policy matures? Not to worry. Your insurer is obliged by law to remind you.

Your policy is automatically renewed

You didn’t cancel your policy at the end of the previous season? Your insurer is required to send you a notice of renewal 30 days prior to the policy maturity date. If you do business with a broker, then it’s your broker who sends you the insurer’s renewal notice. If you don’t reply, your motorcycle insurance policy is automatically renewed.

Your insurer may also decide not to renew your insurance policy. If that’s the case, you’ll receive a notice of non-renewal. Why? Perhaps you haven’t paid your premium. Or you’ve made a high number of claims.

Do you have to declare all your accidents?

Yes, you must let your agent or broker know about any accidents you’ve had. You may not have made a claim, but the other driver may have. In this case, the loss will also be registered in your file at the Fichier central des sinistres automobiles. Make sure that your version of the facts is on record by reporting any accident in which you’ve been involved.

To renew or not?

You may decide not to renew your policy. If that’s the case, you should let your agent or broker know.

Before you decide to renew with the same insurer, ask a few insurers for quotes. Renewing is a good time to shop around for insurance.

You decide not to renew because you’ve found an insurer that offers a lower premium. That’s your right. But make sure you compare both policies. A lower premium could mean less coverage.

Reassessing your needs

Take the time to assess your motorcycle insurance needs when you renew your policy. Does your son or daughter want to drive your motorcycle? Do you drive it outside of Quebec? Ask yourself the right questions to make sure you’ve got adequate coverage.