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Renewing and cancelling

Your needs change during the term of your motorcycle insurance policy. Your son now has his driver’s licence and wants to use your motorcycle. Or you’re thinking of selling it. What should you do?

Modifying your insurance policy

There are many reasons why you might want to modify your motorcycle insurance policy. Will you be driving in the U.S.? That’s another reason for modifying your policy.

Talk to your agent or broker. He can let you know which coverage best meets your needs.

Looking for information about insurance?

Contact the agents at the Insurance Information Centre if you have any questions about insurance.

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Cancelling your insurance policy

Did you know you can cancel your insurance policy at any time and for any reason? You can do so by simply informing your insurer in writing. However, your insurer may charge you a penalty. Check to see whether it’s really worth it.

You should also know that your insurer has the right to charge you a penalty. This is set out in the cancellation table appended to your policy. The longer the remaining policy term, the higher the penalty.

Your insurer also has the right to cancel your policy no matter the reason. However, your insurer must notify you within 60 days of the policy coming into force. After this period, your insurer can only cancel your policy if:

  • You haven’t paid your premium
  • You represent a higher risk

    The risk is higher if:

    • You change motorcycle model
    • You change the main use you make of your motorcycle
    • You’ve had several losses
    • etc.
Looking to
save money by
not telling your
insurer everything?

Looking to save money by not telling your insurer everything?

By choosing to hide information from your insurer, your run the risk of not being indemnified should you have an accident, or of just being partially indemnified.

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