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What should you do if you’re in an accident with your motorcycle? Do you always need to call the police and create a monster traffic jam during rush hour? You might be surprised to know that you don’t always have to call the police.

Has someone been injured? Call the competent authorities

You’re in an accident and there are injuries. In this case, call 911 and ask for an ambulance and the police. And above all, stay calm.

Dealing with a fender bender

You’re in an accident and there are no injuries. Take out the Joint Report and fill it out with the other driver. You no longer need to have the police come for a minor fender bender. Even if the police do come for a fender bender, they’re not the ones that establish the liability of each driver. It’s your insurer that does when the claim is settled.

Don’t have a copy of the Joint Report ? Don’t panic! Write down the contact information for the other driver on a piece of paper: name, address, telephone number, driver’s licence number, registration certificate and proof of insurance.

Motorcyclists more likely to be accident victims

Did you know that a motorcyclist is twice more likely to be a victim of an accident than is a car driver? Regardless of the severity of the injuries, motorcyclists are injured more often on the road. When you’re riding a motorcycle, drive carefully and make sure you have the right equipment.

Rundown of a settlement process in a motorcycle accident

Settlement process in a motorcycle accident

Contact your insurer Assess the liability Appraise the damage Agree on a settlement Indemnity payment

Call your insurer or broker as soon as possible. Send him a copy of the duly completed Joint Report or the police report number.

Your insurer will assess your liability in the accident.

Your insurer will examine your motorcycle to appraise the damage and establish the cost of repairs.

Your insurer will repair or replace your motorcycle depending on the extent of the damage. The settlement will respect the terms and conditions under your policy.

Depending on the agreement, your insurer may indemnify you or reimburse the garage directly.

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