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Insuring your motorcycle

Looking to buy a motorcycle? Think insurance. It's compulsory under the law! Before you sign a purchase contract, ask the right questions and check out motorcycle insurance premiums. This could influence which make or model you end up buying.

Who's insured?

You must be insured to drive a motorcycle. And so must anyone else who drives your motorcycle. They must be mentioned in the policy.

Who sells insurance?

In Quebec, you can choose to do business either with a general insurance agent or broker.

  • Agents work for a specific insurance company.
  • Brokers offer the products of insurance companies with which they have agreements.

There are insurance companies who specialize in motorcycle insurance. Before you buy, request a quote from several insurers.

Five factors affect the premium

  1. The motorcycle you drive
  2. Your experience driving a motorcycle
  3. The engine displacement (number of CCs)
  4. Your profile (age, sex)
  5. The coverage and deductible chosen

Do you own a scooter?

Do you own a scooter under 50cc? Under the law, you’re not required to have liability insurance. However, if you’re not insured, you won’t be covered if you accidentally cause damage to others. Did you know you can also insure your scooter against theft?