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Motorcycle insurance in Quebec

Since 1978, Quebec has had a mixed public-private plan that differentiates between insurance for bodily injury and insurance for property damage. Are you familiar with it?

Two plans in Quebec

Private plan Public plan
Private plan
Public plan

Private plan for property damage: insurance provided by various insurance companies. You need to call an agent or broker to buy this coverage. The insurance covers property damage caused to third parties and that caused to your vehicle. It provides no compensation for bodily injury or for your leather clothing or helmet.

Public plan for bodily injury: insurance provided by the Société de
l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ)
. An insurance amount is included
in your driver’s licence fee. This insurance
covers bodily injury sustained in an
accident. It also reimburses the
cost of your gear in case of an
accident (leather clothing and
helmet for up to $1,000).

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One policy for all

In Quebec, the motorcycle insurance policy is a standard policy and is identical to the car insurance policy. Its content is authorized by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).

Owner of an off-road motorcycle?

The SAAQ does not provide any compensation for bodily injury if you have an off-road accident with a motocross bike. You need to purchase the appropriate coverage from your private insurer. Find out more.

Every policyholder in Quebec has the exact same contract. Your policy is therefore identical to that of your friend or neighbour. Only the coverage and coverage amounts vary, reflecting the individual choices made.