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Hail and water

Today, the weather is affecting us more and more. Hail or torrential rains are now part of our daily reality. Has your car been damaged by one of these forces of nature?

Winter driving

You cannot drive a motorcycle from December 15 to March 15. Whether there's snow on the ground or not, good weather or bad weather, you must store your motorcycle during the winter because of the regulation for winter tires. It's the law.

Are you covered?

Yes, if you added coverage to your policy specifically covering damage to your motorcycle. That's Section B of your policy (Comprehensive or All Perils). Your insurer will deduct the amount of your policy deductible from the compensation amount.

Four steps to follow

Discover the four-steps process in case of hail and water damage. Your insurer should indemnify you within 60 days following receipt of your request and the supporting documents. For a speedy claims settlement, make sure you have all the relevant documents handy.

Short-term rental of a vehicle (Endorsement 20).

This coverage allows you to rent a motorcycle for a specified period of time, should you lose the use of your motorcycle car following an accident.

Rundown of a settlement process in a damage caused by hail and water

Settlement process in a damage caused by hail and water

Contact your insurer Appraise the damage Agree on a settlement Indemnity payment

Take photos of the damage caused and call your insurer or broker as soon as possible.

Your insurer will examine your motorcycle to appraise the damage and establish the cost of repairs.

Your insurer will repair your motorcycle according to the terms and conditions under your policy.

Depending on the agreement, your insurer may indemnify you or reimburse the garage directly.

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