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Young drivers

Joachim s'est mis dans le trouble en faisant des cachoteries... Et toi?

Best not to take any chances, whether you’re a new or experienced driver…

It’s not a good idea to conceal information … Do you occasionally drive your parent’s car? Tell your insurer. Do you use your every day to drive to university? Then you mustn’t say you only use it occasionally.

In case of an accident, leaving out this information could influence the amount remitted by the insurer. In certain cases, your parents or you yourself may not receive any compensation!

Can an insurer refuse to insure someone?

It’s possible, if you’ve defaulted on your payments, or if you’ve made a false declaration to your insurer, for example. If you have been turned down five times and can’t get insurance, contact the Insurance Information Centre of Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA). An agent will help you find a solution.

What if you didn’t pay your premium?

The insurer can cancel your insurance policy. It’s risky to drive without insurance. It’ll be even harder to find an insurer, and what’s worse, at a good price!

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