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Stolen car

Returning to your neighbourhood mall's parking lot, you notice that your car is no longer there. Thinking you're in the wrong parking aisle, you walk up and down several aisles and realize your car has been stolen. What do you do?

Four easy steps

Discover the four-step process in case of theft.

Are you covered?

Yes, if you purchased coverage for damage to your vehicle. That's Section B of your policy (Comprehensive or All Perils). Your insurer will deduct the amount of your policy deductible from the compensation amount.

Example of a deduction

Amount to replace your vehicle $20,000
Your policy deductible $500
Total amount paid by your insurer $19,500

Which vehicles were most often stolen in Quebec in 2014?

  1. Lexus RX350 4P, 2013
  2. Lexus RX350 4P, 2014
  3. BMW 530xi, 4P et 2P, 2006
  4. Toyota 4Runner 4P, 2014
  5. Acura Integra 2P, 1998

N.B. The ratio is established by comparing the number of vehicles stolen versus the number of vehicles insured. In addition, only models with a minimum of 100 vehicles insured in Quebec are considered in this listing.

Your insurer will wait 30 days before compensating you. This is normal in case your vehicle is recovered by the police. Many stolen vehicles are, in fact, abandoned shortly after they are stolen.

If your car is not recovered, the insurer will discuss the replacement or reimbursement terms and conditions for your car with you. These conditions are spelled out in your policy.

Rundown of a settlement process in a car theft

Settlement process in a car theft

Police report release Contact your insurer Agree on a settlement Indemnity payment

Contact the police as soon as possible. They will fill in and give you the number of the report.

Call your insurer or broker as soon as possible. Send him a copy of the police report number.

Your insurer will replace your car according to the terms and conditions under your policy.

Depending on the agreement, your insurer may indemnify you or reimburse the car dealer directly.

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