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Insuring your car

Car and insurance. They go together. Looking to buy or lease a car? Think insurance. It's compulsory under the law! Before you sign a purchase or lease contract, find out about the various coverages and car insurance premiums. This could influence which make or model of car you end up buying.

Who's insured?

First, establish how many drivers, both principal and occasional, will be using the car. You can do this with your broker or agent. Don't hesitate to contact him. He can help you with this step of the process.

Principal driver Occasional driver
Principal driver
Occasional driver

Will you be using the vehicle on a regular basis?
If so, you will be considered the principal driver.

Will you be using the vehicle only occasionally? Then you’ll be considered the occasional driver. For example, if your spouse and your child share all the same vehicle, the premium would reflect that.

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Who sells insurance?

In Quebec, you can choose to do business either with a general insurance agent or broker.

  • Brokers offer the products of insurance companies with which they have agreements.
  • Agents work for a specific insurance company.

Before you buy, request a quote from three or more insurance companies.

Five factors affect the premium

  1. What car you drive
  2. What you use your car for
  3. Where you live and where you use your vehicle
  4. Driver profile (age, sex, driving experience)
  5. What coverage you choose

If you don't have insurance…

You're stopped by the police and asked to show your driver's licence, car registration and proof of insurance. For one reason or another, you didn't purchase car insurance! In this case, you'll be hit with a very stiff fine. The fine for not being insured can run as high as $2,800. And what if you're involved in an at-fault accident and have no insurance? You could be liable for the cost of the damage suffered and caused to others.