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Cost of insurance

You've shopped around for car insurance. You're now down to two model choices, one of which you really like. It's now time to find out about the insurance.

How do I go about getting insurance for my car?

Call an insurance agent or broker to get a quote. You can also get online quotes from insurance companies or brokers.

Car insurance premiums can vary significantly from insurer to insurer. We strongly encourage you to call several agents or brokers to compare rates. Be careful! Also check out what coverage is being offered. A lower premium could mean less coverage.

Don't hide anything from your insurer!

It's not a good idea to leave out certain information. Does your son or daughter sometimes drive your car? Let your insurer know. In case of a loss, your omission will affect the amount you'll receive for damages. And in some cases, you may receive no payment at all.

Shop around

Ask several agents or brokers for quotes. Don't know any? Ask a friend or family member to refer one to you. You can also consult the Autorité des marchés financiers or Regroupement des cabinets de courtage d'assurance du Québec websites.

Have them quote for the same coverage. If you've decided to buy "replacement cost" coverage, mention it to the agent or broker. You're then sure to compare apples with apples!