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Cost of insurance

Credit record

Can your insurer access your credit record? Most insurers use the information to quote you a fairer premium. You have the right to refuse. However, you should know that you may not get the most advantageous premium. Find out more.

Fallen big time for an SUV? Are you male or female? Do you live in a large city? Do you drive to work? Your insurer takes a number of factors into account in calculating your car insurance premium.

Seven factors that affect your premium

What car you drive (make, model, year, value, repair costs, equipment, etc.).

It costs more to insure a car that has expensive parts.

What you use your car for.

Do you drive to work? Do you use it for your work? Or just on weekends?

Where you live and where you use your vehicle.

You may more easily be the victim of a car accident or theft in a large city.

Driver profile (age, sex, etc.).

Claim requency varies considerably according to the driver's profile.

Coverage and deductibles chosen.

A higher deductible may lower your insurance premium.

The number of accidents you've had and the number of claims you've made, whether or not you were at fault.

This information can be found in the claims data base Fichier central des sinistres automobiles.

Your driving record at the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ).

It contains information on your driving experience and your demerit points.