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Young drivers

Zoé est un peu soulagée malgré son accident... Et toi ?

The Fichier central des sinistres automobiles (FCSA) informs insurers and drivers about claims made in the past six years.

Young drivers often are not familiar with insurance. For example, few know that there is a database that tracks all the claims made in the past six years. It’s called the Fichier central des sinistres automobile (FCSA). And while you may not have reported a minor fender bender, the other driver may have.

It’s one of the tools insurers use to establish how much car insurance will cost (the premium). Drivers can consult their file and see what’s in it by making a request on line.

What should you do if you’re in an accident?

First, stay calm. Then fill in a Joint Report and contact your insurer. If anyone is injured, you must call the police.

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Settlement process in a car accident

Contact your insurer Assess the liability Appraise the damage Agree on a settlement Indemnity payment

Call your insurer or broker as soon as possible. Send him a copy of the duly completed Joint Report or the police report number.

Your insurer will assess your liability in the accident.

Your insurer will examine your vehicle to appraise the damage and establish the cost of repairs. He may suggest a garage for the repairs. You may also choose your own.

Your insurer will repair or replace your car depending on the extent of the damage. The settlement will respect the terms and conditions under your policy.

Depending on the agreement, your insurer may indemnify you or reimburse the garage directly.