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Self-employed worker

Separate insurance

Ensuring your business’s vehicles

Tell your insurer what you use your vehicle for and estimate the number of kilometres you drive annually as accurately as possible. It's also important that you declare all previous losses and claims. If you don’t, you risk not being indemnified following a loss or being only partially indemnified.

Do you use your car for work?

Be completely honest with your broker or insurer and let him know. This way you’ll avoid problems if you should ever make a claim.

Can you afford to be without your car in the event of a loss? If you can’t, you need to think about the consequences if you were to lose the use of your vehicle. Consider buying the coverage that would allow you to rent a car while yours is being repaired following an insured loss. If your vehicle is essential to your professional activities, talk to your broker or insurer. Look into buying Endorsement 20.

In short, your auto insurance policy can be tailored to your needs as a self-employed worker. That's why it's so important to answer honestly any questions asked when you're purchasing or renewing your policy. This way you’re sure to have the right coverage and avoid hassles should a loss occur.

Do you have
to add your new
co-tenant to your
insurance policy?

Do you have to add your new co-tenant to your insurance policy?

It’s important to review your home insurance policy and to list the names of all co-tenants on the insurance policy so that everyone can take advantage of the coverage. Learn More

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