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Are you thinking of hiring movers to move your belongings to your new home? Or are you counting on friends and family to give you a hand?

No matter your choice, there are certain insurance questions you need to ask.

Moving companies

Have you decided to hire professional movers to help you move? Choose your movers with care. And make sure the moving company has all the insurance coverage needed to protect your property.

Don't hesitate to ask them for references as well as a copy of their insurance policy. If your possessions are lost or damaged, you’ll be reimbursed under the moving company's insurance policy.

Friends and family

You’re going to ask family or friends to help you move, so that you can save some money. You should know that your home insurance policy provides civil liability coverage should you be held liable if someone is injured or suffers material damage. Your home insurance policy also provides compensation for someone who could be injured while helping you.

Renting a van

What if you decide to rent a van and move yourself? Make sure you're insured under the rental contract. If you already have an automobile insurance policy, you can have endorsement 27, which will protect you against any damage you may cause to a vehicle you don't own.

And don’t forget to let your insurer know what kind of vehicle you’re going to rent. The endorsement may not cover the rental of larger vans.

Damage to vehicles not owned by the insured (Endorsement 27).

This endorsement provides coverage should you damage a vehicle that you’ve borrowed or rented in Canada or the United States. The coverage offered is often the same as that for your own vehicle. Most of the time, it’s more advantageous than the insurance offered by the car rental company.