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Renewing and cancelling

Have you made major renovations to your home? You’ve now got a kitchen fit for a great chef? Or you added a state-of-the-art home theatre? It’s important to let your insurer know to make sure your coverage still reflects the value of all the property you own.

Your insurer needs to have the right information at the time of renewal.

Did you upgrade the wiring in your home or your plumbing? These renovations may actually lower your premium!

And don’t forget to tell your insurer that your partner now lives with you! The policy must be drawn up in the names of everyone who’s living in the house to make sure everything’s adequately covered.

Take the quiz to see what key information you need to give your insurer when you renew your home insurance policy.

Does your
policy cover an
Act of God?

Does your policy cover an Act of God?

All are sometimes referred to as Acts of God. Some are automatically included in home insurance policies. Others can be insured by adding a coverage known as an endorsement. Learn More

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