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Water damage

It’s time to start preparing your claim and assessing the extent of the damage with your insurer.

Preparing your claim

Make a list of the items that were damaged or destroyed. Where possible, give your insurer the appliance model, proof of purchase, warranties and price paid.

Suffered a major loss?

Make sure to follow the claims settlement process to make sure that the coverage you purchased is used as you wish. Especially if this amount is less than the cost of the damages incurred. You’re the one who decides how this amount will be used.


Did you know that the cost of cleaning or storing items, or for clearing your residence, are paid out of the insurance settlement?

The claims adjuster will contact you

The adjuster will investigate the circumstances of the loss. He’ll explain the process to follow, depending on the nature of the damages suffered and your insurance coverage.

If the damage is major and is covered, the adjuster will rapidly send a team specialized in cleaning up after a disaster and will coordinate the work to empty and clean the damaged premises.

Settling a claim: the key stages*

  1. Emergency repairs are made to stop damage from getting worse.
  2. Plans are drawn up to repair and rebuild the damaged premises.
  3. A list of damaged, destroyed or stolen property is drawn up.
  4. Items are cleaned, repaired or replaced depending on the type and condition, (as per the coverage chosen when you purchased your insurance policy).
  5. The company premises are rebuilt.

* These stages may vary from disaster to disaster or from insurer to insurer; they’re provided for information purposes only.

A movie
or music buff?

A movie or music buff?

If you own a large movie or CD collection, you should know that, in case they’re stolen, most policies include a maximum indemnity amount.

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