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Insuring your business

Do you own a business? Have you thought of purchasing business insurance? If you haven’t, then you won’t be insured in case of loss. It’s worth getting adequate coverage to protect your business properly. Your business could well depend on it!

When it comes to business insurance and to protect your property well, you need coverage for:

  • Individuals (workers, volunteers, members of the board of directors)
  • Property
  • Building
  • Damage you could cause to others (or liability)


Your insurer may require that you install:

  • An alarm system connected to a central monitoring station
  • A security guard on the premises
  • Fencing around the insured premises
  • A sprinkler system

After analysing your needs, an insurance agent or broker can offer you a choice of coverage. The cost of the coverage and premium can vary from insurer to insurer. It therefore pays to shop around!

Does your
policy cover an
Act of God?

Does your policy cover an Act of God?

All are sometimes referred to as Acts of God. Some are automatically included in home insurance policies. Others can be insured by adding a coverage known as an endorsement. Learn More

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