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Your insurance policy protects you.

After making sure you and your employees are safe, you immediately call 911 or the fire department:

  • Get all the occupants out of the building right away.
  • Meet at a designated meeting place outside. Never go back in.
  • Don’t go back in once the fire has been put out without first having obtained the authorization of the competent authorities. If it’s a major fire, the structure could collapse.

Can’t work?

Talk to your insurer to find out what compensation you’re entitled to, where applicable.

Ask for a cash advance, if needed. Keep all receipts and invoices for lodging and food expenses incurred following the loss.

Call your insurer as soon as possible. He’ll ask you to describe the exact circumstances of the fire and the damage suffered. And depending on the type and extent of the damage, he’ll tell you what to do.

Unless they’re a health hazard, don’t throw out damaged items right away. And don’t make permanent repairs before speaking to your insurer. If you need to do emergency repairs to prevent further damage, keep the invoices or receipts.

How to prevent fire.

A movie
or music buff?

A movie or music buff?

If you own a large movie or CD collection, you should know that, in case they’re stolen, most policies include a maximum indemnity amount.

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